Based on the outskirts of St.Mawgan in Cornwall, Heritage Porch & Sash Co was founded as a result of many years of restoration of old cottages and buildings.

During these years we have seen many old buildings being stripped of their character by the addition of unsympathetic plastic windows and porches, and knew this was a road we didn't want to go down. But time and time again we were fustration at both a lack of tradespeople who where willing to undertake work on sash windows as well as an inability to find porches that enchanced the beauty of these buildings. We started to undertake the re-conditioning of these box sash ourselves, and with more and more people looking for their sashs to be reconditioned and replaced thus the company was founded. The same was so of the porch side of the business, as we felt that the porches on the market lacked character and bascially all looked the same.

The company ethos is to provide quality workmanship and service.

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