No matter the state of your sashes we probably have repaired far worse, in fact we haven't come across many windows that can't be repaired on site. Repair is always a cheaper option than replacement, no matter the size of the job be it a broken sash cord or a rotten silt that needs replacing then we can help. We offer a wide range of services aimed at maintaining the beauty and performance of your sliding box sash windows.  


 Due to neglect or wear and tear, many sash windows are left inoperable. Full renovation of existing sashes will restore full operation. Be it simply painted shut, re-weighting required, or not moving freely, or a broken cord, this service will ensure your sash windows will once again be fully functional.


Repair to rot or damaged sash, frame, or sill

 Most damage or rot can be repaired on site by our team without the need for costly replacements for a fraction of the cost. We have not come across many windows that cannot be repaired as repair is the always the preferred option when dealing with historic windows.



 If your original sashes have been replaced with plastic windows then we can restore them back to timber sashes to the style of any existing sashes, or windows in your area.


Draught proofing

 Draughty sashes, then we can help by machining perimeter sealing brushes into key areas of the window. This helps prevents excessive movement, eliminating noise to a degree and rattle. It can also eliminate external dust. These sealing brushes are machined into staff, parting beads and meeting rails, which are not visible.



Other Services

 Re-glazing of box sash windows

 Addition of security restrictors to windows

 Construction of traditional windows in keeping with your property.

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